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Responsible for the quality and quantity of products, proper methods and machine applications, effective utilization of production hours, skills, machines, equipment and facilities.  This will require the use of Production Scheduling and Planning to optimize production capabilities and timely utilizing the work force. Investigate delays and expedite corrective action (e.g., machine and tool repairs, material movement and work flow etc.).  Assist with coordination and administration of company policies and programs as they relate to the production operations.


        PREFERRED:    A four (4) year degree.


        PREFERRED:    Three (3) or more years of production scheduling within this industry.                     

    The principle responsibilities of the Production Manager consist of, but are not limited to:

  • To plan, schedule, supervise and direct production operations and related services; to include, determining and maintaining appropriate finished product inventory levels. 
  • To provide the coordination, supervision, scheduling and direction for the timely production of products ordered and of products needed to maintain appropriate inventory levels.
  • To achieve efficient and economical production with the production budget parameters.
  • To provide work assignments through production scheduling, meetings, delegation and  direct assignment.
  • To schedule production in a manner which assures the attainment of ship dates and to implement corrective actions for off-schedule conditions and/or timely communication  of problems beyond your authority to resolve.
  • To ensure the coordination of material flow, in support of the production schedule, through the appropriate purchasing agent.
  •  To provide leadership, motivation, training, guidance and counsel to all production employees.
  •  To establish the limits of the activities of subordinates such that there is no undueinvolvement of the Plant Manager in their daily routines.
  •  To provide the coordination of communications between Production, Maintenance, Purchasing, Administration and Warehouse. 
  •  To identify and develop subordinate personnel to a level which will allow the smooth flow of production in the absence of the Production Manager.
  •  To identify training and safety needs, assist in the development of programs to address these needs and to implement and maintain such programs.
  •  Ensure that maintenance needs are identified, programs such as Preventive Maintenance and Operators Startup Checks are developed, implemented and complied with to minimize downtime and repair time.
  • To provide Performance Evaluations for all supervisory production personnel at least once per year, to train and develop subordinate Supervisory personnel to perform evaluations on their subordinates.
  • To provide input into the hiring process of all new production employees.
  •  Provide follow-up and to hold accountable all subordinate employees for direct or  indirect assignments and ensure their timely completion within the quality standards of the company.
  •  To maintain the company standards for quality, volume requirements and scheduled customer commitments.
  •  To maximize utilization of all resources, facilities, equipment, machines, materials, supplies and manpower.
  •  Minimize waste of materials, labor, and energy.


    The principle duties of the Production Manager include, but are not limited to:

  • To provide Performance Evaluations on all direct reports on a minimum of an annual basis (every 30 days during probationary periods).
  • To schedule production in a manner which ensures that customer commitments for ship dates are met and to make daily assignments to ensure the attainment of the schedule.
  • Review and approve time cards and work sheets.
  • Identification of training needs, the development of Training Programs and the   implementation and compliance with training schedules.
  •  Ensuring that all safety and company policies and procedures are communicated,understood and complied with on an ongoing basis.
  •  Communication of company and department goals and objectives and the continual focus of all production personnel on their attainment.
  •  To establish a stable, motivated and effective work force, with an acceptable level of turnover through training, hiring, motivation, delegation and regularly scheduled meetings for safety, departmental performance review, production status and general communications as required.
  •  Attainment of production volume and quality standards on a daily basis.
  •  The scheduling of manpower requirements to attain the production schedule.
  •  Assist in the development of department goals and objectives that are consistent with the goals and objectives of the company.


COMPENSATION $70,000 - $80,000
DATE POSTED 08/24/2017

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