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A.    Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
•    Visually inspects and tests machinery and equipment.
•    Interacts with other maintenance personnel and operations to ensure all equipment and facility systems are ready to be fully functional and start-up on time.
•    Listens for unusual sounds, observes equipment operation, interacts with equipment operators, supervisors, leads, or other maintenance workers and uses test equipment, multi-meter, blueprints, ladder diagrams, schematics, etc. to detect and diagnose malfunction, correct operation, or repair machinery in a timely manner.
•    Connects power supply, wires devices and equipment, and connects cables and wires between machines and equipment, following Oregon State electrical code, manuals, schematic or ladder diagrams, and blueprints, using hand/power tools and multi-meters. 
•    Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and replaces faulty electrical components for automated machinery and equipment such as relays, switches, photo eyes, proximity switches, light curtains, other motion and positioning devices, PLC components, motors, etc., using hand tools.
•    Provides prompt breakdown response and service to ensure minimum equipment downtime.
•    Locates and leverages all types of equipment documentation, uses personal experience and inside or outside resources as needed in order to diagnose operational issues or for performing in-depth critical repair procedures, machine timing, or set-up issues.  
•    Troubleshoots, diagnoses, maintains, and repairs hydraulic equipment.
•    Troubleshoots, diagnoses, maintains, calibrates, repairs, and installs solenoids, actuators, flowmeters, temperature measuring RTD’s and thermocouples, I to P transducers, pressure transmitters, etc.
•    Repairs and maintains facility systems such as boilers, air compressors, and waste treatment.
•    Periodically performs electrical inspections to ensure longevity and proper operation of equipment and systems.
•    Maintains and updates electrical documentation, PLC software code, and as-builts.
•    Familiar with the application and use of PLC’s, HMI’s and other technical controls in the diagnosis of operational issues.  

B.  Desired Competencies:
1.    Technical Skills:
•    Pursues training and development opportunities.
•    Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills.; 
•    Shares expertise with others.  
•    Demonstrates attention to detail.
•    Can thoroughly define an operational problem, devising multiple repair scenarios, incorporating feedback from others while considering operational labor, time constraints, etc., in order to decide a best course of action while keeping as many options open as possible.

2.    Organizational Skills: 
•    Follows policies and procedures; 
•    Completes administrative tasks correctly and on time.
•    Can satisfactorily multi-task and manage workload under pressure.

3.     Interpersonal Skills:
•    Collaborates with maintenance staff, operations, and management to attain common objectives.  
•    Actively listens, supports others, and contributes to a positive, healthy work environment.  •    Works with their team to attain team objectives. 
•    Obtains the confidence and support of their colleagues.  
•    Takes on assignments or projects with energy and optimism.
•    Manages stressful situations, remain objective, and demonstrate maturity and solid judgement at all times.

4.    Quality and Accuracy:
•    Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness. 
•    Looks for ways to improve and promote quality.
•    Applies feedback to improve performance.
•    Monitors own work to ensure quality.
•    Demonstrates a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.
•    Demonstrates good housekeeping and manufacturing practices and sets an example for other employees.

5.    Safety and Security:
•    Observes all safety and security policies and procedures.
•    Understands the inherent dangers of all forms of stored energy, i.e., pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, gravity, and springs.  Can determine how to safely de-energize a machine or system and perform OSHA required lockout.
•    Works in a safe and competent manner using equipment and materials properly.
•    Reports potentially unsafe conditions (near misses).
•    Reports all accidents no matter how minor.
•    Uses equipment and materials properly.

C.  Qualifications: 
1.    Education and/or Experience:
Associate's degree (A. A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; or six months to one year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

2.    Certificates, Licenses, Registrations: 
Actively licensed in the State of Oregon as an:  General Supervising Electrician (S), Limited Supervising Electrician (PS), General Journeyman license (J), Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician (PJ), or Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME)

DATE POSTED 08/24/2017

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