Basic Beliefs of Global Search Network for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
Basic Beliefs of Global Search Network for...

Continuous Improvement

  • The customer's needs are critical - The customer should be the focus of all our activities.

  • Anything can be improved - All processes, products, and services can be made better. Only a consistent concern for Continuous Improvement can ensure high quality and good service.

  • Quality is everyone's job - Quality products and services are the result of quality processes and quality work. To leave any Partner out of the process is to miss an opportunity to improve.

  • The person doing the job knows it best - Nobody else knows how to do your job like you do. You are the expert of your process.

  • People deserve respect - Everyone wants to be treated as a valued and important member of the team. People do their best when they feel good about themselves and their contributions.

  • Teamwork works - People working together accomplish more than they would working alone.

  • There is value in difference - We all have unique backgrounds, skills and experiences. Without differences, there would be no new ideas.

  • Involvement builds commitment - People are more motivated to act when they have had a say in deciding what actions to take. People desire and deserve a stake in the decisions that affect their lives and their customers.

  • Support builds success - Sometimes people will succeed without their Partners' support, but people rarely fail when they have their Partners' support.

  • YOU make the difference - An organization is only as good as its people. Everyone affects quality, cost, productivity and customer satisfaction.