Once the multi-step process of professional executive recruiting begins, each step is managed by the search firm in partnership with the client team; successful results require diligence during each phase of the process.

The key stages of executive search are:

» Evaluation of the employment need
» Research
» Candidate "short list" identification
» Candidate screening
» Profile
» Submission
» Interviews
» Reference checking
» Negotiations
» Hiring
» Follow-up

Our Goal is to Completely Understand the Company and the Role Being Filled
The search begins with extensive evaluation of the client need. The search firm works closely with the client to arrive at a thorough understanding of the company, its culture and organization, and the specifications of the position to be filled. Job specifications include title, department definition, and reporting structure. What was the person prior in the role doing, what were the strengths and the weaknesses and what was that person lacking? By knowing exactly what skills, products, experience and personality our client is looking for, we narrow our search and we find that needle in the haystack.

We Start Our Search
When the job description is finalized, the intensive research phase of the search commences. We develop a list of target companies in the specified geographic area with similar characteristics to those of our client. From that list, we will identify potential candidates. During this process potential candidates are identified by other employees of their firm and are not necessarily approached directly. We present potential candidates with an opportunity for change and solicit interest level. We prepare a background summary and set-up the interested candidate for submittal. No mention is made of the client’s name at this point.

The search firm engages in extensive industry research and networking; existing sources are contacted, leads are vigorously pursued. Our database has been built with Food and Beverage Clients in mind. Everyone in our database is involved in some way with the process of Food and Beverage Manufacturing. We run searches based on information furnished by clients: years of experience, products, process, degree status, etc. We can get specific on locality of the applicant, based on whether relocation is or is not provided by the client. We also run new searches through our numerous internet job boards, networking and posting generic specifications in geographical areas for new recruits. We also target competitors and speak with employees doing the role we are looking for.

Once we determine the best match for our requirements, and based on research well underway, the search firm contacts prospective candidates by telephone and begins screening interested and promising candidates on the company’s behalf. Job specs are carefully gone over (without mention at that time of the specific client) to generate interest. We probe into the applicant’s background deeply, and find genuine interest in making a career move.

Submission of Candidates
Global Search Network will regularly report their search progress and, at some agreed-upon point, present a strong candidate pool to the client. The client and recruiter arrive at an initial selection of the most promising candidates and will present only those candidates that meet or exceed the job requirements to the Hiring Authority via e-mail, fax, or verbally.

Client's Review of Submitted Candidates
Client interviews are arranged with the best two or three prospects. Global Search Network prepares the client to meet the candidates. Our client reviews the candidates that were submitted and determines which candidates they feel best fit their requirements. A discussion is then held as to what type of interviewing will occur (typically phone interviews) and to further narrow the field for the client as to what candidates they would like to bring out to their facilities.

Review With Candidate
Our recruiters will contact the applicant and relay to them the interest of the client. Interviews are confirmed and the recruiter will begin to prep candidate(s) for upcoming interview(s).

Follow Up After Interview
The recruiter waits for feedback from the candidate and the client. This step is important to find out how on target the candidate search was to the job requirement. The interview process can go quickly, or additional interviews with other members of the client’s organization may be necessary. We will receive feedback from both the client and candidate(s) and interface between both parties to assure a mutually beneficial outcome.

Handling the Offer
Global Search Network will assist, with client consent, in the presentation of offers to candidates and in any subsequent negotiations. Any counter-offer or other obstacle that may present itself prior to the start date of the candidate is addressed and diffused by Global Search Network through direct talks and through proper “preframing” of the candidate earlier in the search and hiring process.

Our Final and of utmost important step: We maintain relationships
Maintaining our relationship with the client and the candidate after the offer and well into the employment with client companies keeps all lines of communication open. We assist the candidate(s) with any special needs in order to help make the transition as easy as possible, as well as reassuring the candidate that their decision was their best career option. Global Search Network will remain in contact with the candidate/employee for a period of months during the transitional post-hire period. Feedback will be conveyed to the client to help ensure a quality employee with employment longevity.