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General Maintenance Manager Goals

• Provide leadership as a member of the management staff;

• Coordinate all maintenance activities tied to production and the facility, including but not limited to overseeing capital projects and the PSM program, insuring the facility’s safety and environmental work is current and compliant, obtaining quotes from vendors and overseeing outside contractors working in the facility;

• Plan activities for effective operations;

• Establish and maintain SOP’s to keep the facility ready for customer inspections and well as governmental inspections (AIB, EPA, etc.);

• Train, coach and certify hourly employees;

• Give regular feedback to employees and management staff;

• Maintain department budget;

• Analysis reporting tied to key department metrics;

• Work with Corporate Engineering staff.


Essential Functions


• Read, write, speak and communicate efficiently in English with a wide variety of people and personalities.

• Add, subtract, multiply, divide and compute rates, ratios and percents.

• Use adequate vision ability (depth perception and field of vision) to move around the facility safely and distinguish colors.

• Use one or both hands to operate various communication devices, such as telephones, faxes, computers, printers and calculators.

• Read written work orders, manuals, measurement instruments and company-posted work and safety policies, procedures and programs.

• Climb stairs using one or both hands to carry materials, tools or equipment.

• Grip with one or both hands in a sitting, standing, bending, squatting or stooping position hand and power tools, above and below shoulder and/or waist level, and exert the force or control necessary to accomplish the task.

• Use both hands while standing, sitting, or bending from the waist or in a stopping or squatting position to pull, slide, push, lift, place or guide equipment and parts from 60 to 80 pounds into the assigned installation position or to remove equipment or parts from operation.

• Bend down, step through small tank openings or crawl on two hands and knees into tanks or other confined spaces; within these, use arms in all positions (above and below shoulder or waist level) to perform the necessary work.

• Using one or two hands from a sitting, standing, bending, squatting or stooping position to operate buttons, levers, switches, etc. on the equipment and machinery either individually or simultaneously.

• React quickly to sound alarms by walking fast to correct a machine failure or to evacuate the facility.

• Measures, tests, records and reacts to manufacturing processes.

• Interact well with Bay Valley Foods Associates as well as suppliers and customers.

• Maintain Meets Expectations rating on all performance appraisals.

• Meet or exceed attendance expectations.


Minimum Skills and Abilities


• Proficient use of computer programs and software; PLC programming would be a plus.

• Knowledge of preventive maintenance procedures.

• Above average communication skills, both written and verbal to effectively convey and follow instructions.

• Experience working with outside contractors.

• Project management.

• Ability to effectively multi-task, manage time, set schedules, prioritize assignments and maintain accountability.

• Ability to drive continuous improvements.

• Self-starter who requires minimal direct supervision, with the ability to obtain necessary information to make decisions.

• Ability to troubleshoot mechanical and electrical issues.

• Strong leadership to effectively work and interact with other providing guidance when necessary.

• Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables.

• Three to five years of management or supervisory experience.


Educational Requirements


• Degree in Engineering or related field.





COMPENSATION $73,000 - $100,000
DATE POSTED 04/26/2019

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