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Main Responsibilities
Primary Responsibilities/Essential Functions
•Schedules predictive and preventative maintenance, which includes holding regular meetings with personnel to plan/isolate and repair equipment
•Plans and distributes daily work orders 
•Gathers parts needed and checks spare parts inventory by utilizing CMMS / EPAC system
•Maintains equipment information, repair files, and parts data for up-to-date accuracy
•Plans and supervises maintenance jobs and projects as directed to ensure a safe, timely and cost-effective outcome 
•Collects and processes predictive/reliability data from plant equipment to schedule repairs by maintaining good communication with production personnel and Maintenance Superintendent
•Learns plant process and procedures for better understanding of how equipment is utilized
•Maintains good working knowledge of Safety, Health, and Environmental policies, rules, and procedures pertinent to area of responsibility and ensures all applicable requirements are adhered to 
•Ensures employees are provided required training for area, jobs, and tasks prior to assigning work
•Reports unsafe working conditions to management and communicates potential hazards to affected employees 
•Performs job/cost analysis, safety/risk analysis, and preventative maintenance analysis. 
•Ensures orderly shift change by communicating issues and/or ongoing tasks with operations staff, Maintenance Superintendent, and maintenance staff
•Collects, records, and analyzes production (including downtime) data to optimize efficiencies and product quality
•Conducts annual evaluations and reports
•Performs all required inspection rounds, which includes recording all visual damage and mechanical problems that occur while on shift

Additional Responsibilities
•Ensures work area is kept clean and free from safety hazards 
•Conducts “toolbox” maintenance and safety meetings as required 
•Accepts/carries out/completes other duties as assigned

Company Conformance Statements
In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:
•Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.
•Interact professionally with co-workers, Company business associates and the general public.
•Work together in a cooperative spirit to serve the best interests of the Company.
•Operate in a fully responsible manner and comply with the law and Company policy.

Basic qualifications:

•    Five years of experience in Maintenance Management or Maintenance Planning
•    Two years of experience in welding, cutting, gearbox repair, pump alignment, material handling systems, preventative maintenance with exposure and/or instrument and electrical work in an industrial processing facility or in a machine shop with exposure to PM programs

Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States of America.

Basic qualifications:

•Knowledge of maintaining bulk conveying equipment and systems
•Knowledge of manufacturing processes, procedures and industrial processing machinery
•Knowledge of manufacturing regulatory and safety requirements the facility operates under (e.g., OSHA, EPA, BATF, NDEQ)
•Knowledge of and ability to operate computer control systems
•Effective communication and interpersonal skills
•Ability to give direction with respect to operation/repairs 
•Ability to climb stairs and ladders as well as work at extended heights of 175 feet, manage confined space entry, withstand extended periods of walking and standing, and move manufacturing materials, products and equipment of 50 pounds or more, which requires regular bending and lifting. 
•Strong leadership skills
•Experience with PC based maintenance programs and conducts training and follow up with technicians in the use of these systems

Preferred qualifications:
•Knowledge of ISO 9000

Equipment Used
•Vibration analysis and calibration tools
•Typical office equipment: PC, telephone, fax machine
•Use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required
•Industrial machinery and grain elevator operating equipment
•Use of electrical tools and testing equipment

Working Conditions
•Off-shift call-in requirements when needed. Extensions of regular working hours are necessary to complete time-sensitive projects, attend training, or to respond to emergencies. Depending on business conditions and seasonal demands night, weekend, and holiday work is not uncommon. Frequent visits to industrial operation areas are necessary with exposure to a variety of temperatures, prevailing weather conditions, and some exposure to chemicals, gases, 
vapors, dust, odors and flammable liquids. There will be occasional exposure to areas with wet floors and high volume of noise. Position will require some stair climbing. Work is sometimes above ground level.

Employee Supervision
•Assists Maintenance Superintendent in directing electricians and maintenance personnel
•Has the authority to recommend hiring, firing, & discipline of employees as well as supervise, manage, & direct work.

Decision Making/Accountability
•Plans and assists with the controlling of maintenance functions and staff at an export grain facility. Plans and allocates the work of maintenance personnel to achieve daily production goals. Investigates and resolves any operating equipment issues. Must follow supervisor’s directions to ensure peak production efficiencies and safe conditions as well as employ an understanding of Company standards and government regulations with respect to areas of responsibility to ensure ongoing compliance. This position must participate in plant start-ups and shut-downs as directed.

Safety, Health & Environmental Responsibilities
•Is an active member of the facility SHE Program. Maintains good working knowledge of SHE policies, rules and procedures applicable to area of responsibility and ensures all applicable requirements are adhered to. Ensures employees are provided required training for area assigned, and jobs and tasks prior to assigning work. Ensures area of responsibility is maintained in orderly and safe manner. Ensures unsafe working conditions are remedied as soon as practicable.

English (Fluent)

Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in related fields, such as, maritime, accounting, agriculture, and/or business

COMPENSATION $75,000 - $90,000
DATE POSTED 08/24/2017

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